National Security and Strategic Perspectives

Indian Ocean Region as a source of critical strategic raw materials

India enjoys considerable goodwill and strategic dominant position over China in this region and supply lines would be away from direct Chinese influence. IOR is also a prolific mineral rich region where most governments have mining and exploration friendly policies and welcome investment through friendly policy levers. Most of the countries in the region particularly…

Chinese dominance over Rare Earth Elements and India’s critical Dependencies

History will judge us by our response at this juncture. The resolute political leadership is now showing the way and the private industry is ready and waiting. Will the government take up the challenge and be an engine of growth for the critical national security at the right time? Or be stuck in the historical maze…


Lt Gen Rameshwar Roy

Lieutenant General (Retd) Indian Army. Former Corps Commander Jammu & Kashmir. Director-General Assam Rifles. Chief-of-Staff Southern Command.

Dr.Amit Tripathi

Dr Amit Tripathi, Professional Geologist, and explorer. Interests include strategic planning and geology education…


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