Headlines that I dream to report!!

This is my dream. Only I decide what happens here. All events in this dream actually happen when we get a good mineral policy…
Enough has been written about the problems, so I will only dream about the consequences of an ideal policy. I want to remain in that happy space…


As a professional geologist I have always dreamed of working in India and making major mineral discoveries. I have done that in other countries, and I know it is possible in India. However, our jurisdictional barriers are insurmountable for a technocrat like me. I am no political manager and I have poor liaison skills. Therefore, I am incapable of starting a such a business and making a major mineral discovery in my own country. My technical skills would remain hugely discounted in India.

During the COVID 19 lockdown I started writing about mineral policy and soon turned into a “mining journalist” (only because we need labels to define ourselves). I started this story with a policy critique describing how poor policy choices have kept India reconciled to Chinese dominance. I had titled that article as “Head in the Sand Policy on Rare Earth Elements (REEs)”. However, half way through the story, I listened to a speech from PM Modi about impossible reforms that are now happening. And I started dreaming. I decided to write about my dream of India in a time of a great mineral policy. What would I be reporting about if my dream world became a reality!!!

Will this will remain a dream? OR one day my dreams will come true? Time will tell – so here we go

In my dream-1…mineral policy creates a vibrant mineral exploration start-up ecosystem

Our current mineral policy has almost eliminated entry barriers for mineral exploration entrepreneurs. Mineral exploration start-ups and even an enterprising geologist with a bright idea can now secure a Composite License (CL). The CL includes exploration and mining rights and is applied online at the Ministry of Mines website. Environmentally sensitive and strategically important areas…

In my dream-2…mineral policy creates exploration service industries

Exploration boom crated due to the excellent mineral policy has caused a huge demand of geologists, geophysicists, drilling engineers, drill rig manufacturers and analytical laboratories. This is reminiscent of the exploration boom of 2004-2008, much of which bypassed India. Universities are struggling to keep up with the demand and students are getting job offers even…

In my dream-3…mineral policy policy brings rapid rural industrialization

Till a few years back rural industrialization was a pipe dream all one could think of were were small food processing units. But today, with reforms in mineral policy, mineral exploration and mining are leading this rapid rural industrialization. Recent changes to the mineral policy, has created a tectonic shift in India’s standing in global…

In my dream-4…mineral policy creates major boom in stock market

Policy that facilitates exploration start-ups and a vibrant stock market is fueling this explosive growth. Joint venture between Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE) has started a new stock exchange especially for start-ups.“The Indian Exchange for Ventures Stocks” (THIEVS) now facilitates domestic mineral exploration companies to list on this special exchange which…

In my dream-5…mineral policy creates gold mines

Gold mining firms has been the biggest beneficiaries of the policy reforms. The gold production has jumped from the 2 tonnes / year when the policy reforms started to about 80 tonnes / year in the last financial. This has resulted in direct import savings of about $5 billion. Due to the import, tax savings…

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3 thoughts on “Headlines that I dream to report!!

  1. Last two decades have seen many upheavals in mining and exploration sectors… everybody knows that minerals and mines are pathways of development but hardly serious thought is given that could be doable, practical and for building of national wealth… lack of confidence in investors, wavering govt policies, vomplicated laws, poor rehabilitation followed by social unrest, long undue delays in environment clearance etc have killed the mining boom in our. country…. there is complete mismatch between our vision, policy, regulation, implementation etc. The so called new Auction route is also a hype. we must reinvent and realise our dreams by serious takeaways.


  2. National Mineral Exploration Policy

    Union Government had unveiled National Mineral Exploration Policy (NMEP), 2016 for adaptation of comprehensive exploration of non-fuel and non-coal mineral resources. The NMEP is expected to benefit the entire mineral sector across the country.


    Key highlights
    Way forward
    Key highlights
    NMEP, 2016 aims to uncover full mineral potential of the country in order to put the nation’s mineral resources (non-fuel and non-coal) to best use and maximize sectoral contribution to economy bringing together best of knowledge and experience, modern technology, trained manpower and financial resources on a collaborative platform. The NMEP primarily aims at accelerating the exploration activity in the country through enhanced participation of the private sector.


  3. My dream is for sustainable development and this is the reason why I chose earth science for my education to understand the way mother earth nourish us and try to teach the next generation of live sustainably and to create an eco friendly, sustainable and cost effective mining methods and to search for abundant eco-friendly alternative for petroleum, coal, lithium etc.


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