4 thoughts on “Q: Don’t you get confused with minerals when they appear nearly similar to each other?

  1. Yes. We do get into uncertainty in proper identification till getting confirmed with identification under hand lens, then, with scratch and striking in streak plate, still not then examine thin section under microscope, but ultimately only its chemical analysis will prove. So go by order one after other till confirmation. Once thorough with a particular mineral assemblage identification, later on, the expertise will help in identification in the early steps even.

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  2. Q: Don’t you get confused with minerals when they appear nearly similar to each other?
    Answer: Because they “appear nearly similar to each other” they can be identified as two different minerals. Their crystal morphology and colour may be the same but may differ in their chemical composition and crystal strcture under XRD. Therefore, when in doubt, subject them to test their physical and chemical characteristics.

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  3. Such confusions are very common in field survey and hence proper samples are to be collected and subject them to various laboratory examinations and this will differentiate and eliminate the confusion.Field survey and laboratory support must go together. Both are important.

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