One thought on “Q: How digital innovation can improve mining productivity?

  1. How digital innovation can improve mining productivity?

    1. The available huge voluminous analyses of geological samples (surface and subsurface), have been computed statistically and brought out the promising anomaly zones with reference to back ground anomaly values. The areal extent and depth persistence could be delineated and identified the focusing areas to innovate the expected mineralisation within a short notice of time using different software.
    2. The systematically explored and analysed subsurface mineral assemblage data in large areal extent facilitated to bring out the nature of the deposit and its mode of occurrence by using 2D/3D model software.
    3. Gap areas can be identified and explored by planning of proper boreholes drilling within no time.
    4. The quick estimation of resource ( by level plan, L-V section methods etc., ) and hence judging the reserve potential, have facilitated to plan the mining at different levels depending upon the geological set up, in a faster rate. Hence, of late, the digital innovation reduced most of the time required in planning for the excavation and mining and enhance the productivity of various mineral deposits.


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