3 thoughts on “Q: Pb-Zn deposit forms in mostly which type of geological set up, like sedex, MVT, or else, etc?

  1. In India ,for copper, main host rocks are Chlorite schist, dolomite,diorite, metasediments etc. In Singhbhum it is found
    along the foliation,fractures in the quartz-chlorite-schist in disseminated vein type,overlapping en-echelon pattern of lenses and is largely controlled by the shear zone. At Khetr (Rajasthan) it is found in the highly folded, faulted psammites/pelites of Alwar-Ajabgarh contact , ore shoots are in large lenses persistent to great depths. In same type of terrain at Kayer, Ajmer dist, concealed copper deposit found by the aerogeophysical survey is being worked by Vedanta company.At Malanjkhand (MP) it is hosted by the metasediments in the southern limb of an anticline..Agnigundala (Guntur, AP) in the calc-quartzite/dolomites . Ingaldaha and Kalyadi (Karnataka-Chitradurga and Hassan dist) also have some copper occurences..
    As such India has only 2% of worlds copper resources.


  2. Zawar- -Zinc-lead-silver deposit is a rich and impressive deposit of India in Udiapur district of ,Rajasthan. Mainly dolomite and partially black phyllite are the host rocks. The metasedimentary rocks of Mid Aravalli Group rest over the BGC. The ore bodies are strata bound in dolomite and pyrite rich phyllite. The genetic model of this deposit is placed in the SEDEX type of 1700 Ma. Comparing the depositional features , host rocks, rift related intracontinental basin structure and tectonic setting, this deposit is comparable with the Mississippi Valley type (MVT) mineralization of the USA type area.


  3. On behalf of Dr A.Sundaramoorthy, former Director General, GSI
    “…Pb-Zn deposit can form any terrain. But mostly in the precambrian terrain associated with metasediments. Ex. Zawar. Augucha in Rajasthan. Mostly they are found as Hydrothermal deposit…”


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