Q: Any one major problem that your suffered in your exploration career and did you overcome ?

A: Sri Pramod Kumar, AMD

Explored many block in northeastern India for uranium…. even after 10 yrs of work were abandoned…. similarly in Singhbhum, many discarded blocks later on proved economical in changed circumstances. A riddle always

A: Sri Om Prakash Somani, MSPL

Problems in Exploration are always there particularly when the deposit is structurally controlled, I faced the correlation problem in one of uranium project in Rajasthan, which was resolved by proper structural mapping of the area.


2 thoughts on “Q: Any one major problem that your suffered in your exploration career and did you overcome ?

  1. On behalf or Saurabh Priyadarshi, GeoExplorers
    “…One of the major problem was accessibility to an iron ore exploration site for mapping. It was atop a 400 feet hill and accessible through its foothills which took roots on an overflowing stream hence we couldnt forge ahead and had to return. The next day our exploration team of surveyors and geologists came back with a drone and a drone pilot who flew it over the hill and it was able to capture the outcrops,vegetation and drainage. Later on after monsson the we went to the same hill to corroborate the drone mapping and it was found to bang on.Using technology to solve problems is what all geoscientists should learn and do…”


  2. On behalf of Dr. V. Ganesan, former Director GSI
    “…In three field season programme of drilling exploration for Gold, the forest officials have not provided permission to take the drilling machines to the forest to explore the area. Though the State Principal Conservator of Forests accorded permission, the concerned District Forest officer never allowed the Geologists to explore the area except mapping, bed rock, pitting and trenching sampling work. No drilling is allowed. So Government policy has to be changed for such type of scientific activities…”


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