Q: What is the Latest Mineral Mineral Discovery till this date?

A: by Sri Pramod Kumar, AMD

Search is ever continuous for all metallic and non metallic minerals

A: by Sri Om Prakash Somani, MSPL

There are many outside India for example lithium brines in Peru, REE in Athabasca Basin of Canada. In India carbonatite hosted REE deposit in Barmer district of Rajasthan can be said a latest mineral discovery.

A: by Dr Amit Tripathi, MPXG Exploration

Mineral exploration is a global multi-billion dollar industry. At any given time there can be thousands of companies exploring in mineral friendly jurisdictions. Mineral discoveries are announced every month and exploration updates, drilling results are announced by these companies everyday!! a good place to follow these discovery stories is https://www.miningfrontier.com/press-releases/ but there are several other websites where news releases can be found

A: by Dr V.Ganeshan, former Director, GSI

a.Researchers found a brand new mineral Edscottite tucked in a tiny meteorite. It’s never been seen in nature before. It is found within the Wedderburn meteorite located in 1951 and kept in Museums Victoria in Australia. It is one phase of iron carbide formed while cooling from high temperature meteorite. Normally it forms while smelting the iron but not naturally occurring. It is named as Edscottite mineral after the Cosmochemist Ed.R.D.Scott, meteorite researcher who identified in 1971. So far it has not been reported occurring in nature until now. With the help of recently developed technological advance, the detailed study of the characterization of this mineral found in meteorite has brought out this natural occurring Edscottite mineral. (Source: By Scottie Andrew, CNN, December 27, 2019) 

b.    Strange New Mineral Discovered Trapped Inside A Diamond, American Mineralogist, reported finding a new mineral called Goldschmidtite ((K,REE,Sr)(Nb,Cr)O3) in the diamond from the Koffiefontein pipe from South Africa. It is occurring in a diamond as inclusion within it.

(Source: Science , Sep 24, 2019.)


One thought on “Q: What is the Latest Mineral Mineral Discovery till this date?

  1. On behalf of Saurabh Priyadarshi, GeoExplorers
    “…Not sure wether it is latest or not but researchers discovered 31 new carbon minerals, between 2015 to 2019 most of them very colorful.

    Edscottite is one of the least flashy new finds, but it’s also the one that’s set geologists abuzz.

    The Wedderburn meteorite contains edscottite, which occurs in iron smelting. But it has never occurred in nature until now, when researchers sliced the meteorite open and found it hidden there.

    Edscottite is one of the phases iron goes through when it’s cooling down from a high temperature, as it’s smelted into steel.

    The Wedderburn meteorite’s can be seen in Victoria Museums, Australia since it was found nearby in 1951, and researchers have sliced it open to search its contents just since then…”


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