Q: What are the challenges of exploring remote areas?

A: by Dr M.K. Devarajan, Geovale

There are many challenges. Safety, health and lack of communication issues are common. One has to take appropriate preparedness and precautions.

A: by Sri Pramod Kumar, AMD

Inaccessibility, tough climate, forest, wild life…. all big challenges… but all have been overcome worldwide

A: by Sri Om Prakash Somani, MSPL

In the remote areas one requires more time and energy to handle the exploration.


One thought on “Q: What are the challenges of exploring remote areas?

  1. On behalf of Dr.V.Ganeshan, former Director, GSI
    “…Inaccessible terrain may be in the form of high altitude, dense jungle, mighty river flow movement of wild animals, huge debris cover and or lying under ice cover. Such type of area have to be explored through remote sensing techniques by deploying aerial geophysical surveys—aeromagnetic,gravymetric, radiometric etc., with low level flying aircrafts survey. The preparation of prognosticate maps after consolidating all aerial geophysical anomaly, may indicate the zone of interest for exploration. By preparing this base map, the systematic approach of mineral exploration work on the surface have to be ventured. But then the major hurdles will come in the form of Intermittent changes in Government Mining Policy, Forest Conservation Act and Environment Clearance Act etc., Nowadays one has to face many hardships in clearing these hurdles tackling than venturing the remote area mineral wealth!!…”


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