Q: How we can reduce the environment cost of mining ?

A: by Dr. M.K.Devarajan, Geovale

There are numerous methods adopted by mining companies. These include various efforts to reduce the effect of mining on Air, Water and Land surrounding the mine. Reduce air pollution by dust reduction processes such as water sprinkling and other related activities. Reduce contamination of surface and subsurface water around the mine by creation and maintenance of tailing dams and other barriers. Implementation of land reclamation and afforestation methods.

A: by Sri Pramod Kumar, AMD

Strict protocol which is expensive… mining companies are known offenders. Remedial actions, reclamation techniques are all available. Action is the mantra.

A: by Sri Om Prakash Somani, MSPL

Strict Environmental cost of mining can be reduced by various ways, the mine water can be pumped and reused for various purposes, the mined out pits can be closed and reclaimed . The mineral processing process can be improvised to have less burden on environment for that focus should be on environment friendly techniques.


2 thoughts on “Q: How we can reduce the environment cost of mining ?

  1. On behalf or Saurabh Pruyadarshi, GeoExplorers
    “…Mining per se is degrading activity.It tarnishes the natural topography and damages the nature/environment. Evaluation of Aspects & Impacts of mining followed by developing mitigation measures using technological solutions and monitoring the impact vis-a vis base line figures would go a great way in reducing adverse impact of mining on environment..”


  2. On behalf of Dr. V. Ganesan, former Director, GSI
    “..Since its importance has to be realized by everybody, this has been explained in detail as below:
    1.While sanctioning the mining lease for certain minerals for 20-30 years to a company or any Organisation, certain rules are framed and the lease holders/ Explorer have to abide by Rules and Regulations framed by the Government.
    2. Granting of mining lease involved (a) fulfillment of prospecting details is a must with proper license.(b) the project has to satisfy the economic viability and feasibility of spending huge money involved in exploring that particular mineral (c) you should be in ready to handover compensation in the form of equal areal extent of land to obtain the forest clearance and (d) ready to explain what are the environmental problems will be there during mining exploration and what type of remedial measures, in different phases, will be provided which have to be explained clearly and ready to accept and commit an agreement to alleviate them so as to obtain the environment clearance which are all mandatory for the proposed project.
    3.After clearing the various stages, the mining exploration have been performed in different phases.
    4.During mining excavation, lot of men and machinery will be working and excavation of huge overburden and weathered rock mass have to be removed/ excavated to get the required mineral/ores. In order to reach the required mineral bearing ore zones, the removal of overburden in opencast mine, takes huge time to remove lot of plantations, overburden which in turn make huge noise pollution by the operation of heavy machinery, atmospheric pollution by dust and noise disturbance in the landforms, many quarry pits and huge mining dumps due to wastage create surface undulations and the big stack yard of the mined material creates an imbalance on the surface topography. These factors have to be taken care of by implementing the erection of dust filters and noise filters in the quarry / mining sites to avoid any health hazard. By closing the pits / quarries periodically with the waste materials and the required materials are excavated and transported from the mining site and plantations have to be done systematically to maintain the ecosystem involving fencing, water the plants, maintenance to grow etc.,
    5. The periodical societal help has to be done to provide water supply/ medical health, transport facilities to the nearby villagers to go to town, hospital, school, colleges and back and obtain peaceful environment with the good books of the people by using the development fund as agreed in the Mining lease agreement. The hundred percent achievement of mining will be there by following above said terms and conditions of rules framed by the MMDR ACT.
    6.Any compromise in any stage may create total damage and result in huge monitory loss…”


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